2023 Handwoven Bookmark Exchange


HGA Individual, Family, Student and Professional Artists members are invited to participate in a weaving exchange and increase your handwoven bookmark stash. Participants will each send four bookmarks and will receive four wonderful new bookmarks. Not a member? Join today! For registration assistance please call HGA at (678) 730-0010 Monday-Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM EST.

  1. Weave four (4) bookmarks.
  2. Include four (4) printed worksheets (download sample) with your complete contact and weaving information (draft for your weaving along with thread samples and sources). There should be one for each bookmark. Insert your worksheets in a sheet protector to keep them flat and neat while shipping.
  3. Email a digital copy of your information sheet to the exchange administrator (to compile a complete listing of all bookmarks entered). Instructions will be emailed with your registration confirmation.
  4. Submit your bookmarks and thread samples (if available), along with your completed project worksheets.
  5. Ship your bookmarks beginning February 1st. Bookmarks must be received by the exchange administrator no later than February 28th. Instructions for mailing will be emailed with your registration confirmation.
  6. DO NOT MAIL TO HGA. Your bookmarks will not be received. 
  7. Bookmarks will be exchanged and returned by March 31st.
Participant Requirements
  1. Current HGA Student, Individual, Family, or Professional Artist Membership. Not a member? Join today!
  2. Participant fee of $15 to cover return priority-mail shipping (international participants will have their items returned via first class mail) and administrative fees.
Community (Optional)
  1. Participants will be invited by email to join the Facebook group for the exchange so they can share and communicate with each other.
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