Convergence® 2022: Sheep to Shawl Team Registration


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Each person participating in Sheep to Shawl must purchase a Convergence® Day Pass for $10 or a Convergence® Value Package (CVP). Registration is first come, first served. Each participant will be required to sign a liability release such as the one provided on the registration form prior to the beginning of the competition. Team entry fees are non-refundable. To participate, click "register" then on the next page complete your team's registration. For assistance please call HGA at (678) 730-0010 Monday-Friday, 12-5 PM EST. We look forward to seeing you in Knoxville!
Competition Rules:
TEAM: A team will consist of 8 members: 1 weaver and 7 others that will perform spinning, carding, plying, gofer and education provider. Team members can change tasks during the competition to mitigate body stress except weaver, carder, and educator. The other 5 positions shall be gofer, plyer and spinners….no more than 5 spinners at one time. One spinner can act as plyer when necessary. All team members can help with fiber preparation. No formal break time will be provided; therefore, one member can act as gofer or swap out with any position when needed. Step away personal breaks are permissible during the competition, no more than one member at a time. All members can participate in finishing. FOUR HOURS
EQUIPMENT: Each team will provide its own equipment: Looms, hand cards, manual drum card, prewarped loom, shuttles, bobbin winders …. all manually operated, etc. ONE electric spinner will be allowed per team - -battery operated only. (No electric cords please).
YARNS AND FIBER: Teams will provide their own warp, either handspun or commercial yarn. Commercial yarns are acceptable for warp; however, extra points may be given for handspun. Teams will also provide their own weft fiber with no preparation other than washing and/or dyeing. Teasing, picking and carding are done during competition. Warp and weft may be natural or dyed and can be any fiber.
WEAVING BASICS: The minimum weaving sett is 8 ends per inch with a required 4 shaft pattern of the team’s choice. The minimum picks per inch is 6 per inch off loom. A sample of the fiber used for a handspun warp, and pre-dyed yarns or fiber shall be presented with the weaver’s notes. See below. The loom shall be pre-warped, no header woven in.
The completed shawl must be a minimum 1440 square inches which is approximately 20 inches by 72 inches excluding fringe. Points will be deducted if less than required square area. This completed smaller product may be judged if requested.
Weaver’s notes: At a minimum weaver’s notes shall include the weaving draft, fiber content with description/identification including a sample of warp, fiber content with description/identification including a sample of weft spun during competition, and a description of the finished intended use of product.
Public Information: Each team may dress in any style appropriate for the competition, costumes or team ensembles are encouraged. Each team will prepare a story board poster for display with information regarding its guild, team and/or area. This poster will also feature an explanation of the weaving project/pattern with fibers and yarn samples attached which may include the weaver’s notes. Points will be awarded for the completeness and imagination of the display.
Spinning and weaving: The weft yarn may not exceed 3 times the diameter of the warp yarn.
Off loom finishing: A fringe treatment is not required, however, the ends must be appropriately finished, in the judge’s opinion, for the completed project’s intended use. 
Photography Release: By registering for Convergence®, I understand that I give HGA permission to use (display, publish, etc.) any photograph(s) made of me at this conference for HGA marketing purposes, including advertising and publicity in print and electronic environments.

COVID-19 Liablity Waiver and Release of Claims: Because COVID-19 is extremely contagious and is spread mainly from person-to-person contact, HGA will have in place preventative measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. However, HGA cannot guarantee that its participants, volunteers, partners, or others in attendance will not become infected with COVID-19. By registering to attend Convergence®, I have read and agree to HGA’s COVID-19 Safety Acknowledgement – Liability Waiver and Release of Claims. (Download)
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