Spinning & Weaving Week 2021: Strut Your Stuff Fashion Show Participant


Spinning and Weaving Week

celebrated by HGA and sponsored by by  
Strut Your Stuff Informal Fashion Show


Participant Registration

All fiber enthusiasts, whether beginner or advanced, are invited to share their inspirational garments, wearable art, accessories for the home, and functional work. Participants are encouraged to model their latest wearable creation or to show their functional designs in this fun and supportive environment. Participation is free, and all participants will receive free admission to next year's Spinning & Weaving Week Celebration in 2022. The show will begin at 2:00 PM EST on Sunday, October 10, 2021 and will continue until all pieces have been shown.

Registration Deadline: October 2, 2021 (after this deadline we will still accept submissions pending availabilty)
Rehearsal: October 3, 2021 at 2:00 PM EST (tentative)
Technical Requirements
Strut Your Stuff will be presented online using Cvent technology that is similar to Zoom. Familiarity with using a web camera is recommended. We may ask for a test run to assist you with your presentation.
  • Lighting: Ability to present from a well-lit space. We recommend a Ring light or something similar. If it's warm and the weather is clear, natural sunlight works well.
  • Technology: You will need to have a webcam (via computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone).
  • The Art Work: The art work must be something you made. When registering we will ask you to complete details about the piece for our announcer. 
  • Model: You will be modeling your own work for the show. Have fun with it. Allow yourself space to twirl and show your piece from every angle.
  • Facilities: Your presentation should be able to be given from a space without interruptions (pets, children, television, etc.)
For assistance, please call (678) 730-0010 Monday-Friday, 12-5 PM EST.
Thank you for your interest in participating with Spinning & Weaving Week!